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so, Jim, where did you get the bumper sticker?


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>Last weekend, we visited our grandkids for the granddaughter's 10th 
>birthday party. First though on Friday night we went to a minor 
>league baseball game that our son got tickets for.
>Later in the game, my wife went to get some ice cream for all of us. 
>Then told me this story when she got back.
>While standing the long, slow line at the concession stand, she began 
>talking with someone else in the line. Barbara responded to some 
>question by telling the person that "we are not from around here." 
>Adding that we live in Maryland. The lady then asked if we had a red 
>van, then "Does it have a sumo bumper sticker?" Yes.(Although Barbara 
>had not actually seen the sticker yet, she knew it was there.) They 
>had driven into the parking lot behind us.
>Now, my question for my wife was did they read the sumo bumper 
>sticker or did they recognize the tiny drawing of the sumotori on the 
>sticker? She didn't know. The reason I wondered about that is that I 
>got the bumper sticker with "Sumou" written in katakana.
>So, I would like to thank whoever it was that responded to the 
>question about where to buy sumo bumper stickers and whoever it was 
>who asked the original question.  Thank you both.
>         Jim
>         "Chitose-Taikai"
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