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Joe Kuroda joe_kuroda at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 6 14:51:59 EDT 2007

--- Sumobaba <sumobab at attglobal.net> wrote:

> The people I have spoken to who "hang out" in my
> hotel (restaurant, bar), as
> well as the employees there, are saying that the
> tickets are too expensive
> for the mainstream Hawaiian person,

Now it makes all sense as I didn't know she was
talking about the Hawaii Jyngyo.  

But we all know they price these tickets so high
regardless of where they go - even in China, they had
the ticket prices so high for ordinary people. 

They simply don't learn but then if I recall people
were paying over $1000 for a Barbara Streisand concert
here not so long ago and you can pay $500 for a
basketball game so it's not about if a ticket price is
too high for a regular person who may have no interest
in the sport or music.

If you are a fan, you pay an exobitant price for
something you love but we all know that anyway.  

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