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THIS was a long time coming and will be great! 

Moti <sumo1 at dichne.com> wrote:
  The Kyokai announced plans for an LA Jungyo next June. A scouting team 
was sent at the end of last month to make preliminary arrangements. 
"There are close to 300,000 people of Japanese origin in Los-Angeles. We 
want to make them proud. That is our main purpose!!", said Takadagawa 
Oyakata, deputy head of Jungyo affairs. Jungyos have been held in LA 4 
times between 1952 and 1981, and it will be the first one in 27 years. 
Some posters with all the details will be in Japanese, and mawashi will 
be sent to a Japanese elementary school so that the kids there could 
interact with the rikishi when they arrive. "We still need Rijicho's 
approval as well as the rijikai's, and we have yet to create a final 
schedule, but when we plan to go to places with a large Japanese 
population, these are small barriers to cross.. I really want this to 
happen", summed up Takadagawa Oyakata.
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