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Lynn Matsuoka artist at aloha.net
Tue Jun 5 22:57:01 EDT 2007

I thought I would share this amusing comment (below), sent to me
privately. The comment certainly reveals the nature of the sender, as do
all posts.

Meanwhile, dinner with the gyoji and other sumo personel tell me that the
"sold out" sign on the most expensive tix may not be totally factual. One
gyoji got a phone call during dinner to hear that someone cancelled a
bunch of the up front ones... he asked me if I wanted them..(15 X $300...
um,no ).

One of the Oyakata asked me last week(in Tokyo) if I thought the tix were
too expensive, and if I thought they would sell. Interesting question, 
showing that the promoters may be frightening the JSA with the prices. I
told him I couldn't really answer that.  But after arriving home, I found
that they are quite available. No problems for the fans.

Lynn Matsuoka
Sumo artist

and... FROM the lovely Mulick Arpaly;

> You are disgusting...
> Regards,
> Mulick Arpaly
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