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I really appreciate all of the replies to my initial post about Ama, each of which has elevated and broadened the discussion beyond my limited capabilities.
  I was not attempting merely to set out a statistical analysis.  I'm not capable of that.
  I was attempting to cloak bias with objectivity.  
  I also can't talk knowledgeably about kimarite, and certainly can't gauge 'spirit' objectively.
  We're fans, and I'm looking for some way to set Ama apart, to continue to propel him upward with the force of a fan's will: does he belong where he is, and can he possibly do even better, as we HOPE?  Is he more skilled than others, and improving more consistently than his peers?  Can he last at sekiwake?  Can he even become an ozeki?
  It's unlikely, but possible.  Which is also what we were saying about his status as a mid-maegashira-man, so, if past performance predicts future results....

"O'Flaherty, Brian" <brian.o'flaherty at banctec.co.uk> wrote:
  >> So, has Ama reached his peak? Or has he surpassed it and will he
>> shortly tumble back into the meatgrinder?

>> I infer that he exercises a personal commitment which exceeds even that
of his fellow rikishi..

>I think he possesses enough "spirit" to compensate his small stature, 
>similar to Terao.

Ama may currently be light (40th out of 41 in natsu makuuchi), but he is
certainly not small. At just over 6 foot 1 inch (16th out of 41 in natsu
makuuchi) he has the height and if he can add weight to it without
compromising too much speed then he still has plenty of time to make ozeki.

You can gain weight, you can't decide to gain height, so the raw materials
are there ...

I would however agree that "he exercises a personal commitment which exceeds
even that of his fellow rikishi" and I admit I do expect a big MK from him
each time, which just doesn't happen, to his credit.

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