[sumo] Ama

Achim Pawelczyk sumo at achimp.de
Tue Jun 5 06:08:44 EDT 2007

> Kaiopectate! wrote:
>> I think Ama is inspirational and one of the most skilled and agile
>> rikishi.  The reported comments last year indicated that he realized
>> he needed to build his strength. I am afraid that already, having
>> risen to Sekiwake, he can't go higher.

Usually I don't take part in discussions including statistics, but this 
one concerns Ama - and he is one of my favorites.

I see his potential as one close to Terao, if lucky Kirishima.

>> So, has Ama reached his peak?  Or has he surpassed it and will he
>> shortly tumble back into the meatgrinder?

>> I infer that he exercises a personal commitment
>> which exceeds even that of his fellow rikishi..

I think he possesses enough "spirit" to compensate his small stature, 
similar to Terao.

>> Considered unemotionally, I have to think that Ama has reached his
>> peak.  He doesn't belong as a Sekiwake.  But, because he has also
>> surpassed our objective expectations and projections, and because of
>> his exceptional commitment, and because we are fans, I'd like to
>> think that he can reach Ozeki.

Pierre Wohlleben schrieb:
 >As for Ama, I'm not quite on board with the "future Ozeki" idea, but 
if >he can avoid injuries he could well remain a steady sanyaku presence 
 >for the foreseeable future. Perhaps not at the Kotomitsuki/Wakanosato 
 >level, but somewhere nearer to Akinoshima/Takatoriki. He's just 23 and 
 >manages to hang in there already, which is normally a good sign, 
though >his lack of size may prevent him from harnessing the usual level 
of >improvement that rikishi undergo between age 23 and, say, 27.

I think that this is the main point - at his age he has quite some room 
for improvement of the "body" part, like Kirishima.

His "technique" is already well developed.
I'd like to expect his first run at ozeki next year - I don't think 
he'll ever reach there though.


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