[sumo] RE: Yokozuna Dohyo-iri

John Racine gaijira at ace.ocn.ne.jp
Tue Jun 5 06:48:49 EDT 2007

> If I may add a couple of more anecdotes here, one of
the yokozuna who is not considered to be neither Unryu
or Shiranui style is yokozuna Hitachiyama.  His
dohyo-iri had one arm extended and the other arm bent
like the current Unryu style but he is not included as
an Unryu style yokozuna.

Le Monde du Sumo has him listed as Shiranui.

> The reason is another move of his in which he clapped
his hands twice in the center of dohyo followed by
both arms extended and then put his hands turned. So
it's possible that some yokozuna may do this
Hitachyama style one day.

I guess anything's possible, but the last eight yokozuna to come from
Dewanoumi-beya since Hitachiyama have all been Unryu style.  Perhaps if they
had more than one yokozuna from the same stable at the same time (a la
Waka-Taka) they would resort to a different style. 

Besides that, I can't imagine the YDC being comfortable with anything that
is even slightly unorthodox.  I just recalled another problem they had with
Asashoryu's dohyo style:  Remember how he used to turn his palms out, rather
than keep his hands straight with his arms?  He may have said it was
symbolic of the eagle in Mongolian sumo.  I'm pretty sure they asked him not
to do that anymore.  I haven't noticed lately if he's still doing it.

Anyway, I can just imagine how high the YDC's collective blood pressure
would go if a new yokozuna said he'd like to do "Hitachiyama-style"


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