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Barbara barbara at technogirls.org
Mon Jun 4 02:52:55 EDT 2007

Sumo news video on my site:

Hakuho is interviewed by Hiro Morita.

Here is a 5-minute interview of Hakuho. In a more relaxed atmosphere, he 
reveals how happy he was at the birth of his daughter and how pressure 
killed his early chances at a promotion. Key matches are shown including 
his very first match in professional sumo - which he won. At one point 
Hiro asks him "Have you surpassed Asashoryuu?" and the answer is muffled 
- he says "Mada-mada deshou" which means "Not yet but I will continue 
toward that goal." Small segments are edited out when they are 
duplicates of clips already posted on my site.

See the sumo news page at http://www.technogirls.org/sumo/Sumo_News.htm

Barbara Murasakihana

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