[sumo] Barbara's site

Barbara barbara at technogirls.org
Sun Jun 3 23:23:44 EDT 2007

I finished a reorganization of my site, and added the old videos from 
the first basho of the year.  There is a lot to view there now.

The central page is now the place to start:


Navigate to the page "2007 Basho 1" for the pictures and videos. Most of 
this I had posted once before, and taken down, but I put it up again. 
Some very interesting action in this basho.  Hakuho looks good, but 
subject to some mistakes.  He has improved rapidly.

I counted, and I have 62 sumo videos online.  These are not tiny little 
videos, either, but quite large and high quality ones, 5 to 100 MB in 
size, mostly at 640x480 resolution, a few at 480x360. About 1400MB total.

During the entr'acte I can leave these online because downloading is 
slow, but you can expect many or most of them to be taken offline when 
the next basho begins.

Barbara Murasakihana

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