[sumo] East/West coast venues

Judith Douglas jdouglas at nyc.rr.com
Sun Jun 3 20:23:24 EDT 2007

My uncle, Joe Flanagan,   is in charge of security at the Red Sox club 
house,  and is beloved by all of the players,  as he was when he was a 
beat cop in  Roxbury, the equivalent in Boston of Harlem in Manhattan.  
   At my mothers wake in January,  we all took turns posing with the 
World Series Ring he was given by his devoted players.  I have an in,  
but only for Asashoryu.  I opt for a Koen in Boston.

Huzayomama     -----------  Manny Ramirez loved my mother,  and she 
him...   Because I live in Washington Heights and he went to G dubs 
high school,  my mother used to refer to him as a relative. even though 
she was born in Galway..   She is proud of the fact that her 
great-great grandchild was in a relationship with a Dominicano.

If I can facilitate a contact with the Sox,  (Red)  I will.  Meanwhile  
it is such an active fantasy,   that as a psychiatric practitioner I 
fear it is delusional.

Hey -   Everyone have a safe and wonderful Hawaiian Jungyo.   I pray 
for a Jungyo in Boston,  not Los Angeles.


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