[sumo] Rikishi Retirement Question

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Sun Jun 3 11:27:19 EDT 2007

--- Achim Pawelczyk <sumo at achimp.de> wrote:

> After they announce their retirement they usually
> change to a new, their 
>   oyakata name - but when NHK reports the retirement
> ceremony several 
> months later, it sounds as if they only with that
> ceremony take on that 
> name (shuumei suru).

Basically there is a practical aspect of staying with
the Kyokai which requires one to possess a Toshiyori
or equivalent status.

The ceremony is something else for their supporters,
families and friends to officially announce them of
the new name.

I suppose in a way, it's like a wedding reception. You
will need to get a marriage license from a city hall
where you live to say you are married. Generally later
on you have a wedding ceremony and reception inviting
your guests to say you are married and introduce
yourself to both familes and friends.

Nothing deep or mysterious.

Tochiazuma still has his mage and still not had his
Danpatsu ceremony but he is no longer Tochiazuma-zeki
or ozeki. He is called Tochiazuma oyakata/san by everyone.

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