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--- John Racine <gaijira at ace.ocn.ne.jp> wrote:

> But there is nothing in Shinto that prevents tombs
> from being placed in
> shrines.  In fact, many people's ashes are in tombs
> at shrines throughout
> Japan.  The most famous is probably Tokugawa Ieyasu
> at the beautiful Toshogu
> Shrine in Nikko.  Others include the famous samurai
> Sakamoto Ryoma and
> Minamoto no Yoritomo.

Well I guess there is always the Yasukuni Shrine as
well but we have enough bush fires going around so I
don't want to go there.

Ryoma Sakamoto has been always my hero. He and his
brethren from what is now Kochi Prefecture, Shintaro
Nakaoka were assasinated in Kyoto on November 15, 1867
(Nakaoka passed away two days later after the attack).

Ryoma was born and died on November 15. Their grave
stones are found Ryozen Gogoku Jinja shrine lcoated in
Higashiyama ward in Kyoto. On this day every year you
will see a throng of people lining up there to visit
Ryoma's grave site.

The shrine was specifically requested to be built by
the Meiji Emperor for those killed in the struggles to
bring in the new era fighting against the last of
Tokugawa shogunate.

One of the most fascinating era of Japanese history as
with Kaishu Katsu, Ryoma brought radical progressive
thinking to hithereto closed society.

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