[sumo] [off topic] Dead Emperors

Marionoumi marionoumi at sat.bbiq.jp
Sun Jun 3 10:55:49 EDT 2007

> Well, you're right that Meiji and Shoken's tomb is in Kyoto, and that
> Meiji
> is merely enshrined at Meiji Jingu (among many other places in Japan).
> But there is nothing in Shinto that prevents tombs from being placed in
> shrines.  In fact, many people's ashes are in tombs at shrines throughout
> Japan.  The most famous is probably Tokugawa Ieyasu at the beautiful
> Toshogu
> Shrine in Nikko.  Others include the famous samurai Sakamoto Ryoma and
> Minamoto no Yoritomo.
> John Racine

Hm, that's an interesting contradiction I haven't thought about it yet.
Although it can be naturally argued how far the toshogu shrine is shinto or
buddhist with its combination of all sorts of elements.

Possibly there's a difference between the imperial shrines and the usual
ones. In ancient times it was already common to bury imperial family members
away from shrine precincts. Also strict taboos apply in cases of dead matter
in shrine precincts, still quite strictly observed at Ise, for example.

This would make some interesting research to be sure.


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