[sumo] Rikishi Retirement Question

Achim Pawelczyk sumo at achimp.de
Sun Jun 3 10:44:46 EDT 2007

Slightly different focus, but one thing always strikes me odd with the 
sekitori remaining in the NSK.

After they announce their retirement they usually change to a new, their 
  oyakata name - but when NHK reports the retirement ceremony several 
months later, it sounds as if they only with that ceremony take on that 
name (shuumei suru).

Is their intai-zumo ceremony in that respect equal to the events 
celebrating the change of name in kabuki or rakugo, which can take place 
more than once ?


Joe Kuroda schrieb:
 >>retirements after the basho.  Can anyone shed some
 >>light on the status of these 2 former Sekitori.
 > Actually things like this happened all the time. They
 > may not have had their Danpatsu and as long as their
 > shisho has not tendered their resingation paper to the
 > Kyokai office, they are not officially retired (but
 > they won't be able compete in a hon-basho once they
 > publicly announed their retirement following a Kyokai
 > protocol).
 > However just like Ouga stayed almost two months after
 > his initial public announcement so that he could take
 > in Jyungyo tours and meet his fans and thank them for
 > thier support, those making announcing their
 > retirement do not need to be off the Kyokai's payroll
 > right away.
 > This is almost true in case of former sekitori as they
 > are given a time to settle their own affairs and their
 > account get finalized. Whatever line of work they want
 > to pursue, once a sekitori, they have some money
 > coming when they leave and it helps.

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