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John Racine gaijira at ace.ocn.ne.jp
Sun Jun 3 07:57:49 EDT 2007

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> > Hakuho at Meiji Shrine. Finally, Hakuho does his first official
> > dohyo-iri. The tradition is that the new yokozuna do a dohyo-iri at
> > the Meiji Jingu Shrine, which has the tombs of Emperor Meiji and the
> > Empress Shoken. The ritual belt made the day before has been
> > sanctified by Shinto ritual.

> The tombs of Emperor Meiji and Shoken are not at the Meiji Jingu -- they
in Kyoto as far as I know. Since the Meiji Jingu is a shinto shrine, you
won't find anything related to death there, as that would be contrary to the
>However, the soul of Emperor Meiji is enshrined at the Meiji Jingu. 

Well, you're right that Meiji and Shoken's tomb is in Kyoto, and that Meiji
is merely enshrined at Meiji Jingu (among many other places in Japan).  

But there is nothing in Shinto that prevents tombs from being placed in
shrines.  In fact, many people's ashes are in tombs at shrines throughout
Japan.  The most famous is probably Tokugawa Ieyasu at the beautiful Toshogu
Shrine in Nikko.  Others include the famous samurai Sakamoto Ryoma and
Minamoto no Yoritomo.

John Racine 

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