[sumo] [Meta-topic] Why SML?

Judith Douglas jdouglas at nyc.rr.com
Sun Jun 3 01:56:16 EDT 2007

I wouldn't have it any other way.   The Sumo List connects me to a 
universe of nuts like me.  If you have a passion for sumo,  this is the 
list for you.
Okay.   Some of us get cranky when the result is posted before we get a 
chance to see the match.  Not the end of the world,  but always a major 
bummer for those of us who tape the matches and watch later.   Because 
Sumo is our passion,  we get touchy. We come home from an 8 or 12 or 16 
hour work day looking forward to respite.
  If I have been drinking a tad of sake and reading the list, watching 
the matches at 3 or 4 am EST,  I may get my Irish up and post a terse 
message to the list.   Not wanting to get personal,  not wanting to be 
seen as a "biddy",  I am simply exercising my constitutional rights.   
Oops.  It's the internet -  maybe I don't have those rights even though 
I post from USA.

I rely on the list for a larger portrait of what is happening than on 
the Dohyo:    Moti, Joe Kuroda, Joe Petro,  Doreen Simmons,  Barbara 
Ann Klein, Barbara, Rowan Klein (no relation to Baba), Ozora Ozora and 
many, many more provide me with a personal connection to what is 
happening in the Sumo Hood.   Rowan Klein provides an intense and 
brilliant collection of media reports of sumo from very early in the 
century.  Every time he posts,  I am reminded that I forgot about his 
web site and am delighted to visit it again.

I missed Joe Petro's podcast this basho;  I realize it is work for him, 
  but I love to hear ANYONE speak intelligently about sumo.
Kintaro allows us to deal with the tension of the matches by describing 
sumotori in comedic but identifiable terms.
He brings us to a level of enjoyment that allows us to see that all 
rikishi are not the same, and are very recognizable.
I pride myself in being able to identify most rikishi from the back.   
:--) .

I don't do statistics in sports.  I do statistics in medicine because I 
have to.   We all have different needs and areas of interest when we 
watch Sumo.  Some people are obsessed with being able to identify the 
kimarite.    I am interested in that,  but I generally watch the 
behavior of the rikishi as it signals emotional response.
As a female,  I really do believe that their is a difference in what we 
look for in the match.  Not all females,  and not all males,  but 
generally,   the match is processed  based on our personalities.

I note that the flame wars on the list by females is more painful than 
it is for males.  We are accustomed to settling, making nice or 
compromising.   This is a sweeping generalization -  it does not apply 
to all females.   But of interest is the fact the multiple male posters 
have said that they almost enjoy the flame wars.

Who likes to argue?   Lawyers and politicians.    Who doesn;t like to 
argue?   Me.

So I will revert back to lurk mode,  wait for the next basho,  get info 
from whatever source I can, and hope that Asashoryu gets his spirit 
back.  He is tired.  You can see it.
Everyone is on his back,  he can't do anything right.  Regardless of 
the fact he has been the only Yokozuna for 3 years.  Maybe now things 
will settle down.
I am happy that Hakuho is a Yokozuna,  but I want Asashoryu to make and 
break all records.

Peace and Love From the Big, Hot and sometimes Wormy Apple,


Jude O'Malley Douglas

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