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--- Doreen Simmons <jz8d-smmn at asahi-net.or.jp> wrote:

> dohyo-iri wasn't till late afternoon! Glad I didn't
> go there early in 
> the morning, expecting it to be around nine. Anybody
> know why it was so 
> late? Surely Hakuho didn't need as much practice as
> Kitanoumi. :-)

I am not sure why it wasn't in the morning as usually
this type of ceremony is held in morning.

Hakuho did his dohyo-ri practices four times, coached
by   former Asahifuji and now Ajigawa oyakata.

However the people who needed more practices were
those who made the tsuan for Hakuho as even Ajigawa
oyakata brought in a few of his old tsukebito, no one
appeared to remember anything. It took well over an
hour to make it (for Asashoryu they did it in forty
minutes but they had Akebono in the same ichimon and
he supervised it).

Even after making it, they realized that they could
not cut the excess length off and someone has gone
over to a tool shop nearby to get an industrial
strength one but  it had so much rust on it that they
could not use it as it may color the pristine while
tsuna.  They finally used a regular kitchen knife and
placed the rope on a wooden cutting board to cut it.  

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