[sumo] Meta-Question: Why SML?

Moti sumo1 at dichne.com
Sat Jun 2 10:21:07 EDT 2007

Achim Pawelczyk wrote:

> Moti schrieb:
>>> holier-than-thou attitude is, IMHO, really the pot calling the kettle
>>> black.
>> We are more the pot calling the kettle old, and pointing you, 
>> (additionally to your kettle) to an electric hot water pot with all 
>> its cool functions (keep warm, boil, flame, do not put in water while 
>> connected to socket, etc.)
> Then the reaction is the image of introducing an electric hot water pot 
> to a Japanese tea ceremony :)etc..
> Akinomaki

I think my comparison was misunderstood. I didn't mean that the forum is 
for the slick city-dwellers and the List is for the inakappe..It's just 
that the forum has enhaced functions like pictures, threads divided by 
subject etc.
I will no longer pursue this. To each his own. In any case, most of us 
belong to both. As for crossposting etc., I and many others have been 
doing that for quite a while.
Have a continued nice weekend.
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