[sumo] Yokozuna face

Achim Pawelczyk sumo at achimp.de
Sat Jun 2 07:15:36 EDT 2007

Doreen Simmons schrieb:
> I had a good look at the TV news reports of the Meiji Shrine dohyo-iri, 
> and there, suddenly, was the face of a yokozuna. It's easy to see, hard 
> to explain -- but the young man Hakuho had become something else, 
> something extra. I saw it in Akebono, too; and regardless of what he has 
> become since, he was a great yokozuna and that is something nobody can 
> take away from him.
> I've been looking at some post-keiko photos I took of Hakuho only a few 
> months ago, and am amazed at how he's grown and changed.

During the dohyo-iri practice he was shown smiling after the try.
My immediate thought: that smile will vanish during the real event.
He has really started to focus his mind, like he promised.
Hopefully he'll go on like this.


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