[sumo] Meta-Question: Why SML?

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Sat Jun 2 05:29:00 EDT 2007

Both Kintamayama & Peterao are correct.  More than the mailing list, you are 
expected to have read all the old post on the forum, cause they rather not 
watch someone post things over and over again, fair enough, but at the time, 
the expectations are highly on the forum than the list, IMHO

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>>Actually, I think you're more likely to get "jumped" on the SumoForum.
>>I haven't found it to be very newbie friendly at all.  Any
>>pro-SumoForum person who jumps on all the flames here with a
>>holier-than-thou attitude is, IMHO, really the pot calling the kettle
>>  - Peterao
>When you make "outrageous" declararions (Asa's 100 yushos, for an 
>example..) you're likely to get "jumped on"  in the supermarket as well. 
>You're a "colorful" guy, sometimes a borderline instigating provocateur (I 
>mean that in a "good" way) so you are a "jump on" magnet. You get "jumped 
>on" on the ML quite often as well, IIRC.
>Still, I saw you post many times on the forum and don't recall any serious 
>"jumping" being done on you.
>As for the flame wars here, I checked the posters and didn't really see 
>many "holier than thous" there either.
>We are more the pot calling the kettle old, and pointing you, (additionally 
>to your kettle) to an electric hot water pot with all its cool functions 
>(keep warm, boil, flame, do not put in eater while connected to socket, 
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