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> 3) Does the recent abolition of jun-toshiyori status
> not include ex-Yokozuna 
> and Ozeki? The status was supposedly abolished in
> December 2006, but 
> Tochiazuma has since retired and become a
> jun-toshiyori. If this is the 
> case, it seems rather unduly harsh on former rikishi
> who didn't quite make 
> those heights.

Ex-yokozuana and ex-ozeki do not become a
Jyun-toshiyori. There are full fledged toshiyori for a
limited time like three years for Tochiazuma.  In case
of Tochiazuma, his father and shisho is retirining in
three years so until then he will not need to rent one
from anyone else until he inherits the heya and
Tamanoi myoseki.

Ozumo is the world of banzuke, not seniority or
anything else. Yokozuna and ozeki are given certain
rights and accorded more privileges than mere
Maegashira rikishi because of their accomplishment and
contribution to ozumo. 
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My question:  Do these rights and privileges extend to ex-Ozeki (ie
Miyabiyama and Dejima) when they retire?


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