[sumo] Hi Hu Mi

Sumobaba sumobab at attglobal.net
Fri Jun 1 21:18:46 EDT 2007

Both the former Asanosho and Asanowaka, and one other retiree who is now a
manager, and whose name does not readily come to mind, participate in the
making of Asashoryu's tsuna, but the "hi-hu-mi" leader has been Jinmaku
Oyakata from Hakkaku-beya each time I've been there. I did put up a video,
in six segments, of the process from a viewer's standpoint- not on the dohyo
- and the "counting" is mostly on these:


Of course, they are not nearly as good as the pro TV video.


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On 2007/06/01, at 18:52, Achim Pawelczyk wrote:

> The one to put on for the dohyo-iri (NHK news at noon with Tsuna-uchi
> 1-2-3: Hi-Fu-Mi).
> I wonder if a retired rikishi usually takes part in that.

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