[sumo] Meta-Question: Why SML?

Kaiopectate! cfinberg862 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 1 18:38:08 EDT 2007

(1) Sumoforum.net, or (2) SML?
  Well, you can either ... 
  (1) Follow the simple steps which Joe has narrated below regarding navigation of the Sumoforum, or you can 
  (2) Subscribe to the SML and get e-mail.
  And, I hafta say, all of those people at Sumoforum are really snooty, especially Moti.  They're all really condescending to me.  And all they talk about is sumo.  And they're way too serious.  They even keep a separate section for Off Topic posts!  
  Now, that's fastidious!  But, hey, I'm a sock monkey.  I bet they even wash themselves and wear clothes at that Sumoforum.
  Seriously, there are some specific things at Sumoforum.net which I recommend to people:
  - The Basho-Tracker pages which contain the ENTIRE banzuke and results, etc. (thanks to the ubiquitous Doitsuyama, Exil, and others), See, e.g.:
  Banzuke: http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=12128
  Basho Tracker: http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=12297
  - The Sumogames Forum and Deadline pages:
  Almost all game links and deadlnes are tracked on one page, each basho, hosted by Exil.  See, e.g.:
  This can be the best way to make entries, check results, etc.
  Several excellent, relatively undiscovered, games are also hosted at SumoForum, including
  The Makushita Game, run by Randomitsuki:
   and the Sandanme Game, run by Itachi: 
  And the forum is probably the best way to seek focused information on numerous specific topics, such as individual up-and-comers or historic figures, etc.
  But only on this SML can you wage a flame war with an imaginary sock monkey.  

Joe Kuroda <joe_kuroda at yahoo.com> wrote:
Just try to go over to its front page at
http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/ and scroll down to
the bottom where you find Board Statistics. Under it
there is "Today's active topics", click it and you
will see currently active topics sorted with the most
recent on the top.

You will see column headings with Topic Title, Forum,
Topic Starter, Replies, Views and Last Action.

Topic is a thread titled initiated by Topic Starter. 
Forum is sub-forum name such as Ozumo Discussions or
Off-topic or whatever. Replies show how many replies
that the topic generated and Views show the number of
times the topic has been seen. Last action shows the
time and date in whatever time zone you set it up for
yourself if you are a member or UTC if you have not
signed in or not set up the time zone.

Just like any other web page, you can click anything
with underline to hyperlink. 

For sumo fans it has some useful hyperlinks on the top
of the front page as well handy calendar of events
generally set up by Moti. 

If you become a member then you can send a private
mail to another member. 

One thing more, it is loosely moderated.

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