[sumo] Photo of Hakuho at Meiji Jingu

Scott Kahn smk1 at columbia.edu
Fri Jun 1 14:34:01 EDT 2007

I clicked on the link and saw a picture of ballerinas dancing on the 
Millenium Bridge in London.  Either the picture in the link changes 
throughout the day, or Hakuho has really put a unique stamp on his 
ceremony.  Not to mention that he and his assistants have, in a very 
short time, acquired rather shapely physiques...

Or, should I click on picture #5?


Matt Thompson wrote:

> The heavens stretched forth and Sumobaba decreed the following on or 
> about 06/01/2007 12:01 PM:
>>> From BBC News:
>> Mongolian-born sumo grand champion Hakuho (right) demonstrates a 
>> ceremonial
>> performance to enter the sumo ring, at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo.
>> http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/in_pictures/6711799.stm
>> That's Aminishiki holding the sword as tachimochi. I don't know who the
>> tsuyuharai was. Anyone?
> I believe it was Ryuo as dew sweeper.
> Mattjila

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