[sumo] Meta-Question: Why SML?

Achim Pawelczyk sumo at achimp.de
Fri Jun 1 13:35:16 EDT 2007

Every time I look at it, the size of a page annoys me: e. g. 100k for 
maybe 2k content I would need for it on the ML.
I made an estimate about the effort I would need to put it in my batch 
plus add a filter to strap the page of everything I don't want to see 
and save till I have that 2k. Unless the SML dies down completely, I 
have no incentive to do that. Also my bandwidth of about 64Kbit/sec is 
used the whole day at about 90% already.
And deleting those pages afterwards from my system which I don't want to 
keep is much more tedious as well.

My batch is largely composed of Japanese newspaper pages - but only of 
those from which I easily can strap ads, menus and superfluous code and 
which I want to keep.

Maybe if I looked around the Forum for a while, as Moti lives there, I 
might find some signs of an atmosphere as friendly as ours on the ML 
used to be - but so far I found nothing motivating me to do that yet.


Moti schrieb:
>> The SumoForum does not offer a format which suits my taste: a single
>> screen strapped of everything except the one new text I want to read
>> (That's why I don't like top quoting).
> There is a function- View new posts,where you can see any topic you 
> haven't read yet, and decide which one interests you. It's really not 
> that intimidating.
> The ML is where I grew up, the forum is where I live. and I have to 
> disagree with Peterao-it's not foe sumno-maniacs. A huge majority of 
> those maniacs grew up here as well.

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