[sumo] Meta-Question: Why SML?

Moti sumo1 at dichne.com
Fri Jun 1 12:32:08 EDT 2007

Achim Pawelczyk wrote:

> The SumoForum does not offer a format which suits my taste: a single
> screen strapped of everything except the one new text I want to read
> (That's why I don't like top quoting).

There is a function- View new posts,where you can see any topic you 
haven't read yet, and decide which one interests you. It's really not 
that intimidating.
The ML is where I grew up, the forum is where I live. and I have to 
disagree with Peterao-it's not foe sumno-maniacs. A huge majority of 
those maniacs grew up here as well.
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