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--- Neil Dry <yubinhaad at hotmail.com> wrote:
> 1) Tamanoshima has been ranked in sanyaku for four
<snip> Not a stats guy so I don't know but someone
like Doitsuyama can tell you something like this in a
> 2) What is the actual ownership status of these
> toshiyori: Kabutoyama 
> (ex-Oikari?), Tamagaki (ex-Tomonohana?), and
> Yamawake (ex-Wakanoyama?). Do 
> the former rikishi mentioned actually own these
> toshiyori, or are they 
> renting them from someone else? I'm fairly sure that
> Wakanoyama does own his 
> toshiyori, but the other two I'm really not sure at
> all.

They are all owned by former Oikari, Tomonohana and
Wakanoyama respectively.
> 3) Does the recent abolition of jun-toshiyori status
> not include ex-Yokozuna 
> and Ozeki? The status was supposedly abolished in
> December 2006, but 
> Tochiazuma has since retired and become a
> jun-toshiyori. If this is the 
> case, it seems rather unduly harsh on former rikishi
> who didn't quite make 
> those heights.

Ex-yokozuana and ex-ozeki do not become a
Jyun-toshiyori. There are full fledged toshiyori for a
limited time like three years for Tochiazuma.  In case
of Tochiazuma, his father and shisho is retirining in
three years so until then he will not need to rent one
from anyone else until he inherits the heya and
Tamanoi myoseki.

Ozumo is the world of banzuke, not seniority or
anything else. Yokozuna and ozeki are given certain
rights and accorded more privileges than mere
Maegashira rikishi because of their accomplishment and
contribution to ozumo. 
> 4) When was the last tournament without a former
> Nihon University (Nichidai) 

You need to ask a stats guy for this...but I believe
it hasn't happened in the last twenty years or so.

> 5) Any URLS to pictures of the new yumitori-shiki
> performer in action?

Try SumoForum - I recall seeing a pic or two in the
last two weeks.

> 6) This is a long shot. But I am concerned about the
> health of Chinese 
> rikishi Nakanokuni, Minato-beya, 

I will check to see if there was any news on him in
Japanese sumo magazines.
> 7) Who exactly are the members of the Yokozuna
> Deliberation Committee, and 
> why does this committee exist in the first place?
> When was it created and 
> was it created for a specific reason? How come the
> Kyokai alone (directors, 
> oyakata etc.) aren't the ones making these big
> decisions?

The last question first. It was created strictly so
that they have out of box opinion from others who are
prominent in their chosen fields, often in cultural,
communications and corporate business fields. 
Ostensively so that they can state publicly that the
heighest rank in Ozumo is not selected solely in the
insular world of Ozumo by men who have spent their
entire life in the world.

The YDC members can actually only offer suggestions,
advisories or cautions and recommendations but have no
power to enact their opinion.  For instance they can
only discuss a yokozuna promotion only after the
chairman forwards the request made by Director of

The background of its founding stems from the 1950
Hatsu basho when three yokozuna Terukuni, Azumafuji
and Haguroyama all withdrew from the basho and the
Kyokai was forced to react due to huge public
outcries. Idiotically the Kyokai's reactionary move
was to demote them to ozeki, which caused far more
public outcries so they had to retract from their
initial decision.

As well aruond this  time the House of Yoshida Tsukasa
which has been traditionally awarding the yokozuna
license was experiencing financial difficulties and
the Kyokai decided to cut the tie.  The Kyokai was
finall on their own as far as issuing of yokozuna
license and they felt they needed a semi-independed
board to oversee the process as well. The YDC was born
in April of that year.

The minimum number of YDC members are 7 and maximum is
15. They are appointed by the Kyokai directors for a
term of two years. They can serve up to 10 years but
the chairman can serve in the position for up to four

There are currently 12 members in the YDC. The chair
is Yoshio Ishibashi, chancellor of Kyoritsu Jyoshi
Gakuken, private girls schools from kindergarten to
university. Other well known members include Makiko
Uchidate  (screen writer), Toru Funamura(composer),
Yoji Yamada(film director), the 6th Tanosuke Sawada
(kabuki actor) and Katsuji Ebisawa (former NHK

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