[sumo] Meta-Question: Why SML?

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Fri Jun 1 10:04:31 EDT 2007

This is the best place for a quick update about what is happening during a 
basho, especially for those of us who don't have access to the video on TV.  
Also, I've been in this list since God was a child, and I like a lot of the 
people who post here.

Sumo Forum is great if you have plenty of time.  You can find pictures and 
lots of in-depth discussion there.  I would encourage people who are sumo fans 
to sign up for both!

Angie in Texas, US

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>Subj: [sumo] Meta-Question:  Why SML?
>The following question occurred to me, while I was reading Neil's post (of
>many interesting questions):
>What is good about the Sumo Mailing List?
>The recent flame wars drove me to sign on to the Sumo Forum, and I'm glad I
>did!  (I think if you asked these questions over there, Neil, half of them
>would be answered by now.)  The depth of knowledge over there is very
>What I've always liked about this list are precisely those knowledgeable
>posts from people like Joe Kuroda, Doreen, Moti, etc.  The irony is that
>almost anything that is worth reading here is cross-posted there anyway.
>Joe and Moti are both regular contributors there.
>With the exception of Doreen's posts and Kintaro's Musings, I'm not sure I'd
>be missing anything (except some really excellent flaming) if I were to
>unsubscribe at this point.
>Don't get me wrong, I've been a member for over eight years, and I've valued
>all the input I've received here.  I guess I'm really asking the true
>believers of the SML to tell me why they keep on keepin' on.
>John Racine
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