[sumo] Some Unrelated Questions

O'Flaherty, Brian brian.o'flaherty at banctec.co.uk
Fri Jun 1 09:23:29 EDT 2007

>1) Tamanoshima has been ranked in sanyaku for four bashos, but has not yet 
>made kachi-koshi there. I know that Ryogoku and Tochitsukasa also had four 
>bashos in sanyaku each, without making kachi-koshi once. My question is 
>this: Are they the least successful sanyaku rikishi in the modern era
>say, post-WW2), or are there other rikishi with more bashos in sanyaku 
>without a kachi-koshi?

Daijuyama from '81 to '89 had 7 basho at sanyaku getting 6 MK and 1 KK (8-7)
Fujinokawa did the same in the late 60's.
Fujizakura in the 70's & 80's had 10 sanyaku basho with 9 MK's
Tsurugamine in the 50's and 60's had 11 basho with 9 MK's.

The rikishi with the most MK's from lower sanyaku as far as I can see is
Takamiyama who had 27 basho as Komusubi or Sekiwake and went MK in 15 of
them and of his 12 KK's 9 of them were 8-7.

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