[sumo] [Stop] the [Stop]

Achim Pawelczyk sumo at achimp.de
Fri Jun 1 06:51:19 EDT 2007

The mailing list is clogged with "Stop it" messages recently.
I think this stops any serious activity as well.
I propose an additional approach to the [Flame] tag, the [Stop] tag.
Actually, the [Flame] tag has just celebrated his first successful use.

I prefer a flaming hot discussion about sumo to any boring talk
about stopping to post.
I also enjoy any skilled henka - if it's against Miyabiyama.

Like a henka, a flame post is nothing to be announced.
"What is your plan for tomorrow's bout against the yokozuna ?"
"I think I'll do my best and go for a henka"

Of course first and mainly I propagate the off-list sending of any flames.
But those mixed into meaningful sumo posts are not the main problem,
they only cause it.
The real nuisance is the meaningless reply to the whole list.
It poses as part of a maybe so far interesting thread by using the same
And the still sensible majority on the list opens it and gets annoyed.

Therefore the tag for those posts without any contribution should be
[Stop] or [Matta].

The subject then says: [Stop] the thread
- nobody needs to open it and you can even refrain from putting anything
in the body of the message.

If you use a [Mono-ii] tag, you should however elaborate exactly on
what was wrong with the post you are referring to.

In any case, sending it only to the sender is much more effective.
You don't annoy the list and if each annoyed member sends one mail to
the offender, that has much more impact.

The whole thing calls for an excerpt from the rakugo grand champion of
baka, soon to change his (not-)"shikona" Kikuzo.

- nan da
  - nan da te nan da
- nan da te nan da te nan da
  - nan da te nan da te nan da te nan da
- ...

Adapted for the SML

- Stop it
  - Stop the "Stop it"
   - Stop the 'Stop the "Stop It"'
    - Stop the <Stop the 'Stop the "Stop It"'>

(a translation of the original third line could be
- What 'What "What?"?'? )

Another reason to introduce the [Stop] tag: if e.g. this mail should
cause a rakugo discussion getting out of hand :)


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