[sumo] Dohyo-iri

Achim Pawelczyk sumo at achimp.de
Fri Jun 1 05:52:43 EDT 2007

Doreen Simmons schrieb:
> Asahifuji -- Ajigawa oyakata.
>> Thanks for this nice picture.
>> Does anyone know who has been teaching him?
>> Jejima
> The seriagari doesn't look too good -- it's extremely difficult to rise 
> slowly and smoothly. Mienoumi had a lot of trouble with coming up too 
> fast. But the yokozuna who notoriously took the longest while to learn  
> the whole dohyo-iri was Kitanoumi.  Anbyway, it must have just happened 
> at Meiji Jingu -- I'll look forward to seeing Hakuho's  first dohyo-iri 
> on the Kogkugikan dohyo tomorrow at Kyokushuzan's retirement.

I think I saw Kyokushuzan also among the rikishi crowd from his ichimon 
preparing the strings of the tsuna for Hakuho.
The one to put on for the dohyo-iri (NHK news at noon with Tsuna-uchi 
1-2-3: Hi-Fu-Mi).
I wonder if a retired rikishi usually takes part in that.
And I somewhat missed the exact present intermediate status of 
Kyokushuzan. He won't stay in the kyokai, so he's no oyakata - but is he 
already out of the kyokai ?
Apparently not as he was allowed to do tsuna-uchi help.


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