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You would?  Okay -- I'm with Jezz on this:  

Neither a nomination nor a vote of a few gaijin, at SFM, a henka makes. And, the subjective opinions of a smattering do not conflict at all with Jezz's insight that we may have seen things differently on Kotooshu's travel up the banzuke, compared with post-arrival.

And no one -- Osh least of all -- can figure out what he thinks.  I'm having a hard time recalling a recent sanyaku rikishi who was more clearly his own worst adversary...pre-retirement Akebono, maybe?  (Anybody got other nominations?)  But it was pretty obvious why Chad couldn't stay on his feet.

So, maybe we should be more tolerant, given the condition of Kotooshu's knee.  And aren't we being a little too dogmatic about successful henka, anyway?  The best way to sneer at a henka is from above, after the offender is lying on the dohyo.

And frankly, although I admire Ama's head-on losses to any and all comers far more than Osh's successful feints, I think that henka voting is kind of silly, too.
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<big snip>  ...Since - up until this basho - he had never lost a bout in which he  
had been at least nominated for a henka - whether or not it was  
actually voted as one -  he is addicted to henka because he probably  
figures that without it, he would have had several make-koshi by  
now.  It is so ingrained that it will be impossible for him to  
change.  I would love to be proven wrong about this.

Lon Howard

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