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Did anyone on the list read the book, Freakonomics?



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>The recent discussion on Asashoryu and the Japanese magazine "Shukan 
>Gendai" reminds me that an analysis of bouts where the rikishi are both on 
>7-7 on Day 15 of sumo tournaments was done some seven years ago and at that 
>time I remember a lot of posts on this list <understatement>.
>You can find a comprehensive statistical analysis <warning - the 
>mathematics are non trivial> at:
>The paper is titled "Winning isn't everything - Corruption in Sumo 
>Wrestling" by the US National Bureau of Economic Research. <An interesting 
>project for them!>
>Wikipedia has a paragraph on this and says "One often sees this phenomenon 
>thoroughly contradicted in the statistics."
>So as they say "you can prove anything with statistics"
>Personally I don't trust the media very much at all but I do remember a 
>post to this list  from seven years ago along the lines of "Professional 
>wrestling is fixed? - you must be joking!"
>John Tilley
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