[sumo] London Jungyo

Jarkko K jarkko.karhunen at kolumbus.fi
Fri Jan 26 14:29:34 EST 2007

Jeff Anderson wrote:
>>From The Japan Times:
> Friday, Jan. 26, 2007
> JSA arranges London sumo tour
> The Japan Sumo Association said Thursday that Japanese wrestlers will take
> part in an exhibition tour in London in October 2009.
> The five-day tour will be the first for wrestlers in the sport's elite
> makuuchi division in the English capital since 1991. The tournament will be
> held at the Royal Albert Hall, though dates have yet to be finalized.
> There have been 13 exhibition tours abroad planned by the JSA so far,
> including events in Las Vegas, South Korea and China.

Now why didn't they headline it like this:

Hefty loads on the move - Sumo wrestlers go on tour

: D

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