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> Here is an excerpt from this article:
> Past reports of misbehaviour in the sport would not
> seem to bear that out,
> however. A great deal of money is wagered on
> tournaments. The last time
> there were match-fixing allegations, in 2000, the
> two wrestlers who made the
> claims died within days of each other of mysterious
> liver complaints.
> I was not aware of this.  Would someone please tell
> the story of this
> situation, and who were the rikishi that died.

Actually the last time there was a major allegation of
Yaocho came about was in 2000 (it was a courtesy of
another rag Shukan Post, which can be salaciously
compared with Shunkan Gendai which has the Asashoryu
allegation this time). 

It was done by a former Onaruto beya komusubi Itai. 
He also wrote a book detailing mostly bout fixing done
by himself and Akebono, then yokozuna. Itai went on to
talk to foreign reporters at their press club
subsequently but he is still alive and well as far as
I know.

The two former rikishis' death that occured was around
1996 if I recall.  It was then Onaruto oyakata, former
sekiwake Kotetsuyama Konoshin who disclosed his story
also on Shukan Gendai.  The other rikishi was a former
rikishi and then Onaruto beya supporters club vice
chairman Seiichiro Hashimoto who was once the chairman
of supporters club for yokozuna Kitanofuji.

Hashimoto oozed shadiness almost wherever he presented
himself being a cabaret and night club owner and once
intimated yaocho bouts that got Kitanofuji to

The Onaturo oyakata and Hashimoto then compiled their
series published in the Weekly Shukan Post and put
together in a book form.  

Just prior to the publication, both died suddenly
under a mysterious circumstance at the same hospital,
same day, same time and of same illness. However no
clear cause of their death was determined.

The Kyokai kept threatening to sue them and actually
decided to take a portion of Onaruto oyakata's
allegations to the court but it was never

All through these yaocho allegations by Onaruto
oyakata /Hashimoto or by Itai, the Kyokai never
formerly took them to the court which had some people
to believe the allegations have some substance. 

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