[sumo] Re: Kimenryu

Larry Piper piper at psicorp.com
Sun Jan 21 15:40:42 EST 2007

>  [sumo] Day 15 lower division results  
> ...
> Ms48w  Kimenryu (3-4)      tsukiotoshi    Ms56e  Daiki (2-5)

I was afraid,

      that perhaps I'd put the Curse of the Bambino on poor 
Kimenryu once I'd begun rooting for him.  After winning his first 
match, he proceeded to lose the next four.  Fortunately, he was 
able to turn things around at the end and has only a mild MK.

      I'm convinced that one of the things that make people like 
Asashoryu great is his support staff.  So I think said staff 
needs more recognition.  So here's to Kimenryu who managed to 
fight valiantly while at the same time cosseting Asashoryu 
sufficiently to allow the yokozuna to kick some serious butt once 

Take care,
      larry p

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