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 Masumeidai, Jonokuchi West 30 (6-1) over Kojima by
(Finishing with six win and 1 loss record, set to
enter the Jonokuchi Yusho Deciding Round tomorrow in
his first banzuke basho against Hisanoumi and
"I imagined I would be a few years away from winning a
yusho. I am quite satisfied with my one loss record
but I will do all my best tomorrow. But I know I wll
get really nervous getting up on the dohyo so late."

Tamakasuga (8-6) over Tokitsuumi by oshitaoshi, 5.7
(Losing six straight after starting with seven
consecutive wins and finally getting his kachikoshi on
day 14)
"I was prepared to have the losing streak continuing
to eight bouts. I know I got a win today but it still
hasn't got to me yet. Along with the wisdom of age,
this basho got me understand the depth and harshness
of Sumo. It has been a great experience."

Ama (9-5) over Toyonoshima by kozumatori, 13.1 seconds
(Getting his ninth by beating Toyonoshima with a rare
Kozumatori technique, only the second time it was
recorded in Makuuchi since it was included as a
Kimarite at the 2001 Hatsu basho. The previous time
was when Chiyotenzan beat Miyabiyama at the 2001 Haru
basho. Goeido defeated Kobo with the same kimarite
this basho in Juryo )
"I knew he was in a great condition so there was an
extra motivation and a strong will to get a win. I was
able to generate more power as I got into more
favorable position but I wanted to start with
Tsupparis intially and then go with a yotsu."

Toyonoshima (11-3) losing to Ama
"I feel I have done all I could. To be in the yusho
race with the yokozuna up to this late stage was a
tremendous experience for me. I lost today against Ama
and I am not happy about it. And I did not get to the
final but I feel I had done my best. I feel I can be
proud of myself."
"Even though I tried my best not having the pressure
get to me, perhaps there may have been some. I just
could not get into my form today, for instance."
"As long as I keep competing hard, I believe a result
(Sansho) will follow so I wll do my best again

Kotoshogiku (8-6) over Dejima by yorikiri, 3.0 seconds
(Gone through four consecutive losses from day 8 but
finally getting Kachikoshi)
"Though it wasn't a good sumo today but I feel so
happy to get a win. The losing streak really was a
good learning experience for me. I felt really good in
the first half and I began to feel there was no
problem getting a kachikoshi."
(A sanyaku in horizon)
"I certainly did not want to be left behind by my
rival, Homasho so this is great"

Miyabiyama (5-9) over Homasho by oshidashi, 5.0
"When I was throwing the salt and looked up, I saw the
shisho (Musashigawa oyakata) in TV booth doing a
commentary. So I was determined to go out and move
forward even if I ended up losing."

Kaio (7-7) over Kotooshu by yorikiri, 2.1 seconds
(Still a chance of getting a Kachikoshi this basho but
the outlook isn't getting easier.)
"As I am in a rather difficult predicament, I feel no
comfort. I still need to keep my intensity level up
for tomorrow."

Hakuho (9-5) over Takamisakari by yorikiri, 8.4
(On his ninth win)
"As I got into my own style. I was able to move into
him. I am not satisfied yet with nine wins. I consider
ten wins to be the kachikoshi mark for ozeki."

Takamisakari (7-7) losing to Hakuho
"I can't be relaxed at all going agaist an Ozeki. "
(Going for Kachikoshi/Makekoshi on the Senshuraku)
"Oh...Woe is me...what will become of me?"

Chiyotaikai (10-4) over Kotomitsuki by hatakikomi, 6.7
"As I saw how Toyonoshima has done so well, I felt
ashamed not to be staying up there in the yusho race
myself. I guess that could be said for all the other
ozekis too but still."

Tochiazuma (5-9) losing to Asashoryu by tsuridashi,
23.7 seconds
"I feel I did get something out of this bout by going
after him even when he came out stepping in hard. The
yokozuna has momentum which I sorely lack."

Asashoryu (13-1) over Tochiazuma
"I thought to myself, 'Great,' when I got the left
mawashi. "
"Physically I felt my balance was all wrong from day 1
but I thought I started getting better around day 5.
Since day 10 I was totall different and was in full
(At the point when Toyonoshima lost to Ama, his yusho
was assured)
"Well Ama won one for me so it really got me motivated
to win and got me more tense but also really psyched.
(Became the fifth rikishi to win 20 yushos after
Taiho, Kitanoumi, Chiyonofuji, Takanohana and quickest
to win the 20th requiring only 49 bashos since his
Jonokuchi dohyo debut at th 1999 Hatsu basho.)
"Beautful! The 20th feels really great. I am sure it
will get to me gradually. I was already at 19 so I
wanted to get to the 20th so much."
(Of ozeki group not being competitive)
"Well that may be so but we've got Ama, Kisenosato,
Homasho gaining strength basho by basho. "
(About the next goal)
"Back when I was a new recruit kept getting beaten day
after day in training sessions, I told myself, I'd win
tomorrow. My next goal now? It's to win tomorrow.
There will be a variety of challenges that may come my
way but I want to keep going in my own way.'"

Takasago oyakata (former Ozeki Asashio), Asashoryu's
"The 20th Yusho is an amazing feat. Though he lacked
sufficient training prior to this basho, his abilitiy
to concentrate solely to sumo contributed to the
success. From now on the best thing that could happen
to him will be an emergence of rival rikishi who could
provide him with good competition. As a yokozuna who
accomplished 20th yusho, he should further enhance the
quality of Shin-Gi-Tai (Heart-Technique-Physique). I
am hoping he won't be accused of lacking in training

Yoshio Ishibashi, Chairman, Yokozuna Deliberation
"We regard highly his accomplishement of winning of
20th yusho. But Asashoryu is simply doing the business
as usual while other rikishis are letting themselves
collapse. For sumo fans I imagine nothing interesting
is happening at all. And there is not much point in
having the Yokozuna Committee to be around either."

Former Taiho oyakata
"I wish to congratulate him on the great
"While I was an active yokozuna, more than the number
of yushos, I felt the most important thing was to
fulfill the responsiblity of yokozuna. I'd like
Asashoryu to take this in his heart and take care of
each basho with it in mind ."

Kokonoe oyakata (former Chiyonofuji)
"Personnally I have become a yokozuna when I was 26
years old. Then I won 29 yushos. I believe Asashoryu
can get close to 50. I want him to make that as the
"He should endeavour to polish his sumo skills with
more dedication to build a physique unsusceptible to

Kitanoumi oyakata, chairman of the Kyokai
"Under the current circumstance, getting the 20th
yusho should be considered as nothing out of ordinary.
I want the ozeki group to stay more competitive and
step up to the level they are expected."
"There is a view out there that winning 20th yusho
will equate to the title of Dai-Yokozuna but the
number of yusho is quite meaningless in this regard.
Circumstances are different. There is a variety of
eras. We are not saying by ourselves as we are
"Dai-Yokozuna" after all. People and history will
judge for us."

Takanohana oyakata
"He is full of vigor and possess great flexibility.
It's a matter of time before he will overtake my

(According to sources, Asashoryu has already decided
to apply for Japanese citizenship about two years ago.
He has not proceeded with the actual application yet
and has not done any document preparation but it's
likely that he would do so eventually according to the

Top 10 Yusho Winners
1. Taiho - 32
2. Chiyonfuji - 31
3. Kitanoumi - 24
4. Takanohana - 22
5. Asashoryu - 20 (still active)
6. Wajima - 14
7. Futabayama - 12
7. Musashimaru - 12
9. Akebono - 11
10. Tsunenohana - 10
10. Tochinishiki - 10
10. Wakanohana - 10
10. Kitanofuji - 10

20 Yusho Rikishis

Dohyo debut : 1956 Aki
20th Yusho basho: 1966 Natsu
# of bashos required: 57
Age: 26.0 Years old

Dohyo debut: 1967 Hatsu
20th Yusho basho: 1980 Nagoya
# of bashos required: 82
Age: 27.2 years old

Dohyo debut: 1970 Aki
20th Yusho basho: 1987 Hatsu
# of bashos rquired: 99
Age: 31.7 years old

Dohyo debut: 1988 Haru
20th Yusho basho: 1998 Aki
# of bashos required: 64
Age: 26.1 years old

Dohyo debut: 1999 Hatsu
20th Yusho basho: 2007 Hatsu
# of bashos required: 49
Age: 26.3 years old

Asashoryu feats:
o 49 bashos from his Jonokuchi debut to 20th yusho is
the quickest surpassing Taiho's 57 bashos.
o 29 bashos from the first yusho to 20th yusho is the
quickest, surpassing Taiho's 34 bashos. During this
span, Asashoryu never went through more than two
bashos without winning a yusho.
o Achieving 20 yushos at the age of 26 years and 3
months is the third youngest, next toTaiho's 26 years
and Takanohana's 26 years and 1 month.
o Currently extending his own record of 19 bashos as
the role of single active yokozuna. At the time of
promotion to yokozuna, Musashimaru was also active but
due to injury he never faced another yokozuna as a
o Out of 20 yushos, he won 13 of them prior to the
Senshuraku. Comparable only to Chiyonofuji who won 15
yushos out of 31 before the Senshuraku.
o Consecutive yushos - 7 yushos in a row, once; four
yushos in a row, twice (including the current one).


Kensho Banners
A new record for the number of Kensho will be
established tomorrow as there were 107 kensho banners
on day 14 to bring the basho total to 1020. Since the
1991 Aki basho when a Kensho purse became 60,000 yen,
the previous record was 1021, established in the Aki
basholast year.

According to Kyokai office, in tomorrow's
Musubi-no-Ichiban, the final bout, alone, they've
already received the request for a total of sixty
Kensho banners.

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