[sumo] Day 13 videos & torchbearer results [spoiler]

Barbara barbara at technogirls.org
Fri Jan 19 21:58:30 EST 2007

I put up two videos today:

Kakizoe-Kokkai. This one is a typical full-speed Kokkai retreat, while 
batting his opponent downwards, but this time Kokkai connects, and 
Kakizoe goes down. Then a mono-ii is called, and Kokkai receives a 
disqualification due to dragging an opponent by his hair. It wasn't 
particularly good sumo to begin with on the part of Kokkai. The rules 
violation makes it worse, and the final topper is that Their Imperial 
Majesties the Emperor and Empress were watching in the balcony. Kokkai 
will be doing some apologizing tonight, I think. 	

Tokitenkuu-Kisenosato. Ross Mihara and Kenneth Swensen both missed it 
initially. They first thought that Kisenosato more or less tripped 
himself up, but no - watching it a second time, they see that it is the 
rare kimarite "Chongake", the ankle-hook trip. Very clever, Tokitenkuu! 
Makiko excitedly makes the comment that only the Mongolians seem to know 
this technique. Watch the replay.

Torchbearer results:
As D13 torchbearer, Shimotori retained the torch by winning against J9E 
Shunketsu, then gave chikara-mizu to J11W Oga, who lost his match. 
Tomorrow Shimotori meets J12E Kobo, whose win would take it below the 
8-rank boundary. Shimotori is doing quite well in Juuryo though.  He 
could win the division, even.

Remember, you can revise your entry one time before the final day. 
Whichever entry is closest to being correct at the end of the match will 
win, but if two entries are identical the first one received wins.  If 
you think you know the final answer already, revise your entry to that 
answer and send it to me immediately before someone else does the same. 
If you're not playing the Torch game, it is easy. One email is all you 
need to write.  The winner gets a complete video set of the current 
basho, all 31 hours of coverage with the English commentary, on Xvid avi 
files suitable for viewing on a computer.  You can compose your entry now.

I added instructions for requesting a complete set of basho video in
case you don't win the Torchbearer game.

Details, pictures, videos, and explanations are at Barbara's Sumo Site,


in fun,
Barbara Murasakihana

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