[sumo] Dejima's wins ...

Marionoumi marionoumi at sat.bbiq.jp
Thu Jan 18 23:04:25 EST 2007

> 20,000 yen until he retires I believe. I don't know if that's per
> week, per month, per year, or per day though.

A kinboshi is worth 10 points which are seemingly currently multiplied by
4000 (2003) for 40,000 Yen paid to a rikishi each basho until he retires. I
believe it's only paid if the rikishi is participating.

Points are also awarded for any kk (better result, more points), yusho (20
or 30), zensho yusho (50), being promoted higher (depends on division),
sansho (??)... -- but I'm sure someone has more precise data on that. Joe? 


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