[sumo] What happened to the ozeki rota?

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Thank you for the explanation.  I never knew that the "mini-tournament" was
locked in stone. 

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Emmett Wayne wrote:
> Josh's answer is incorrect.  Using Y and O1, O2, O3, O4, and O5 to 
> represent the Yokozuna and 5 Ozeki, the following schedule would be 
> appropriate for days 11 through 15, accomplishing each Yokozuna and 
> Ozeki meeting each other 1 time.

The problem with your proposed schedule is that it breaks up the Day 13-15
mini-tourney among the four highest-ranked rikishi and (whether sensible or
not) that's not going to happen.

Hence O4 and O5 need to face those four guys prior to Day 13, and that means
starting at Day 9 at the latest.

It's not exactly the Great Hatsu Basho Conspiracy either; it's been
happening almost every basho since Kotooshu was promoted to Ozeki, preempted
only when withdrawals reduced the number of Yokozuna+Ozeki to four or below
before the Ozeki vs. Ozeki scheduling would have kicked in.

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