[sumo] What happened to the ozeki rota?

Jeanne Hedge sumo at jhedge.com
Tue Jan 16 15:29:05 EST 2007

Maybe it's as simple as they want to test the low rankers with good records
against the upper rankers?

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>While informative, Joe's answer doesn't really have anything to do with
>David's original question.  
>Josh's answer is incorrect.  Using Y and O1, O2, O3, O4, and O5 to represent
>the Yokozuna and 5 Ozeki, the following schedule would be appropriate for
>days 11 through 15, accomplishing each Yokozuna and Ozeki meeting each
>1 time.
>Day 11
>Y - O5
>O1 - O2
>O3 - O4
>Day 12
>Y - O4
>O1 - O5
>O2 - O3
>Day 13
>Y - O3
>O1 - O4
>O2 - O5
>Day 14
>Y - O2
>O1 - O3
>O4 - O5
>Day 15
>Y - O1
>O2 - O4
>O3 - O5
>I mean absolutely no disrespect to Joe or Josh.  They both teach me more
>about this sport than I would ever know otherwise.  But, their answers
>not answer the original question.  I don't have any idea what the answer
>but I agree with David that this is not business as usual (or business
>has been in the past).  One guess would be that they are leaving room for
>the top Maegashira to face Ozekis should they continue to be in line for
>yusho.  That is just a guess.
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>As well one of ozekis and sekiwake are from the same heya. And that is
>of the reasons Kotooshu had to face Takamisakari...lucky or unlucky
>depending on your point of view.
>--- Joshua Maciel <joshua.maciel at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Because there are 5 ozeki, and each ozeki has to face the yokozuna, 
>> you'd have ozeki-yokozuna bouts from day 11. In addition, there are 10
>> ozeki-ozeki bouts, which pushes things back a tad bit further. Hence

>> the early starts.
>> On 1/16/07, David M. Hungerford III
>> <morden at zhadum.com> wrote:
>> > In past basho (bashos?), the ozeki have faced each
>> other (and the
>> > Yokozuna) at the end of the basho.  This time,
>> we're seeing ozeki
>> > face each other starting on Day 8.  What's up with
>> that?
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