[sumo] What happened to the ozeki rota?

Emmett Wayne emmett.wayne at us.army.mil
Tue Jan 16 12:38:00 EST 2007

While informative, Joe's answer doesn't really have anything to do with
David's original question.  

Josh's answer is incorrect.  Using Y and O1, O2, O3, O4, and O5 to represent
the Yokozuna and 5 Ozeki, the following schedule would be appropriate for
days 11 through 15, accomplishing each Yokozuna and Ozeki meeting each other
1 time.

Day 11
Y - O5
O1 - O2
O3 - O4

Day 12
Y - O4
O1 - O5
O2 - O3

Day 13
Y - O3
O1 - O4
O2 - O5

Day 14
Y - O2
O1 - O3
O4 - O5

Day 15
Y - O1
O2 - O4
O3 - O5

I mean absolutely no disrespect to Joe or Josh.  They both teach me more
about this sport than I would ever know otherwise.  But, their answers do
not answer the original question.  I don't have any idea what the answer is,
but I agree with David that this is not business as usual (or business as it
has been in the past).  One guess would be that they are leaving room for
the top Maegashira to face Ozekis should they continue to be in line for the
yusho.  That is just a guess.


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As well one of ozekis and sekiwake are from the same heya. And that is one
of the reasons Kotooshu had to face Takamisakari...lucky or unlucky
depending on your point of view.

--- Joshua Maciel <joshua.maciel at gmail.com> wrote:

> Because there are 5 ozeki, and each ozeki has to face the yokozuna, 
> you'd have ozeki-yokozuna bouts from day 11. In addition, there are 10 
> ozeki-ozeki bouts, which pushes things back a tad bit further. Hence 
> the early starts.
> On 1/16/07, David M. Hungerford III
> <morden at zhadum.com> wrote:
> > In past basho (bashos?), the ozeki have faced each
> other (and the
> > Yokozuna) at the end of the basho.  This time,
> we're seeing ozeki
> > face each other starting on Day 8.  What's up with
> that?

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