[sumo] Day 8 videos & torchbearer results [spoiler]

Barbara Ann baklein at attglobal.net
Mon Jan 15 19:22:13 EST 2007

I have no opinion on the Homasho/Kotooshu bout one way or the other. In
fact, Kotooshu is not one of my favorites, so I really don't care how or
when he loses. One of the reasons is his prima donna attitude, another, a
personal thing about supporting him all through the lower ranks only to be
snubbed (along with a few other early supporters) once he reached sanyaku.

I do, however, maintain that Asa would not hurt Ama intentionally and that
Ama would not himself "plan" a henka.  I guess the thing is that as long as
these are all recorded accepted kimarite, I can't complain (although I still
will). I do think the Kyokai might do well to review its very short list of
prohibited moves and add those that have, in most cases, resulted in undue
physical trauma. 

As for Asa not bowing to Meowbiyama, I think I saw a somewhat imperceptible
arm-movement bowing :-) At least he doesn't glare at his opponent after a
loss (any more) as some others are wont to do. But Kitanoumi and the others
on the Kyokai should take him, as well as others, to task for any absence of
sumo courtesy, but they seem oblivious to a lot lately, except whatever
serves their own interests best. If Naruto Oyakata were the Rijicho,
everyone who deserves it would get an earful.



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