[sumo] Day 9 videos & torchbearer results [spoiler]

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I may not agree with all of Barbara's commentary, but I must say that the
quality and range of the videos is exceptional. Having been, literally, up
in the air traveling to a few places, I was not able to catch the sumo this
basho on at least three occasions.  Barbara's choice of videos pretty much
showed me what I wanted - and needed - to know, complete with the
English-language reporting.

I can also vouch for the excellent quality and value of the DVDs that she


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I put one video on the site today. This video is a compilation of the
ten most interesting matches of days 1 through 8, as picked by guest
commentator Mainoumi.

The load on my server has been lighter than expected so I will probably
be able to leave the videos up through the end of the basho.  Not too
many of you are downloading them.  Perhaps it is because you already saw
the outcomes using a video feed, or you saw other videos which appear
earlier than mine.  But, keep in mind that the clips I am posting are
full 640x480 resolution, and include a lot of English commentary and
slow motion or angled replays, things you might not see otherwise.
Possibly, some are not downloading due to the large size of these files.
They are probably the largest available, at a size of about 8 megabytes
per minute of video. I don't plan on making smaller, lower quality
versions, though.

Torchbearer results:
Tosanoumi on D9 took the torch from Tokitsumi, gave chikara-mizu to
Toyozakura, who lost to Ushiomaru. This is the second time Tosanoumi has
obtained the torch in this basho, and therefore the answer to question 5
is now known to be "yes".   This is the second of eight questions to be
settled before the end of the basho.  Remember, you can revise your
entry one time before the final day.  Whichever entry is closest to
being correct at the end of the match will win, but if two entries are
identical the first one received wins.  If you think you know the final
answer already, revise your entry to that answer and send it to me
immediately before someone else does the same.

If you're not playing the Torch game, it is easy. One email is all you
need to write.  The winner gets a complete video set of the current
basho, all 31 hours of coverage with the English commentary, on Xvid avi
files suitable for viewing on a computer.  You can compose your entry now.

I added instructions for requesting a complete set of basho video in
case you don't win the Torchbearer game.

Details, pictures, videos, and explanations are at Barbara's Sumo Site,


in fun,
Barbara Murasakihana
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