[sumo] Doreen and Aran

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Sun Jan 14 20:33:52 EST 2007

Well you know he actually beat the guy everyone is raving about (Ichihara) twice. The thing about the maezumo class this time is that there are at least two other future makuuchi rkishi for sure in Lee and Yamatoyama> Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 08:57:05 +0900> To: sumo at webtrek.com> From: jz8d-smmn at asahi-net.or.jp> Subject: Re: [sumo] Doreen and Aran> > >Doreen, I enjoyed your commentary today while I relaxed in the Kokugikan. > >I kept switching between yourself and the Demon. One thing though. You > >said of shin deshi Aran "he is a world champion in wrestling but not sumo > >of course". Actually it IS sumo that he is world champion in. He won his > >title in Osaka in Novemeber.> > Thanks John. This is much more worrying, then, because when I saw him lose > last week (three times, I think, but definitely twice) in maezumo it most > definitely wasn't good sumo. And the Japanese journalist I was sitting with > just sighed and smiled....> > > > Doreen Simmons> <jz8d-smmn at asahi-net.or.jp>> _______________________________________________> Sumo mailing list> Sumo at webtrek.com> http://www.webtrek.com/mailman/listinfo/sumo
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