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Tochiozan (5-1) over Asofuji by oshitaoshi, 4.1
(Winning his first in Makuuchi segment, showing why he
is already beating his Kasugano beya's senior mates
Tochinonada and Tochinohana in training sessions
"Obviously the atmosphere is a lot different in
Makuuchi but I tried the best to conduct myself as
normal as possible. But I didn't feel any extra
pressure at all."

Tamanoshima (5-1) over Tosanoumi by tsukiotoshi, 8.2
(Not happy about the bout even after winning it)
"I still don't get it. As soon as coming out of the
tachiai, I felt like slapping him down. I'd consider
it the same as a loss today. I'd promise myself I'd do

Toyonoshima (5-1) over Asasekiryu by hatakikomi, 9.4
"I remember a while ago when I won a bunch of bouts in
the beginning and then I started taking it easy, I
lost a bunch more later in the basho. So right now I
just have to keep going strong, not thinking about how
many I won or lost."

Futeno (2-4) over Kokkai by hikiotoshi, 2.0 seconds
(Losing without offering any resistence to Ama the day
before, determined to go all out and seeing his
opponent flying out of the dohyo all by himself).
"I just decided I wouldn't worry about winning or
losing anymore but wanted to go in to him with all I
had. But today I actually haven't done anything. Not
sure what happened to him but I still have to keep
going with all I have every day."

Tamakasuga (6-0) over Kakizoe by tsukidashi, 3.6
(Still the only Makuuchi rikishi without a loss)
"I was just thinking to move forward, nothing else. I
feel my body is responding well."
"Back when I was younger, I kept thinking I could not
afford to lose all the time but now I no longer have
such a thought so it's easier mentally and I never get
exhausted mentally. Now that I am at this point, I
just have to keep doing what I have been doing since
day 1 but doing it with more authority."
(Will be facing Tosanoumi who also made his dohyo
debut in 1994)
"Looking forward to facing him? You kidding? No. You
are always aware of what the other rikishis who joined
at the same time with you and think about them a lot.
For both of us, we reached the age where we get
encouraged seeing each other doing the best we can."

Kitanoumi oyakata, chair of the Kyokai
(On 35 years old Tamakasuga doing so well)
"It's a great accomplishment having a six bout winning
streak at his age."

Takekaze (2-4) over Iwakiyama byoshidashi, 17.7
(A minute 172 cm beating mammoth Iwakiyama by shoving
his whole body into Iwakiyama's mass. OPBF
Featherweight Hiroyuki Enoki who graduated in the same
year from the same school, Akita Prefectural Kanaashi
Agricultural High School was cheering him on from a
Sunakaburi seat today)
"Yeah I knew about it. He was sitting right behind a
gyoji and I could hear hm cheering me on from the
dohyo. Today I was able to take an initiative every
step of the way. With all that support coming from my
dear friend, I will not be giving up any bout till the
last possible moment."

Ama (4-2) losing to Kotoshogiku by oshidashi, 4.8
"I desparately wanted to get the right mawashi. He
never let me have the mawashi easily so I was planning
to do a henka from the beginning. I felt if I could
get the good grip on him, I could generate more

Kotoshogiku (4-2) over Ama
(Winning the battle of 22 year olds, not even tricked
by Ama's unexpected henka)
"The fact that I was able not to lose myself by his
henka means I am in a pretty good condition. Because I
usually can't do that. I really do not want to lose to
him. I think today I won by having more intensity. I
was able to win against an ozeki yesterday and got a
win today. I feel like I can get on the groove now."

Kotomitsuki (5-1) over Miyabiyama by yorikiri, 12.3
"If I went along with him, exchanging a Tsuppari with
another Tsuppari, he will definitely have an edge over
"Right now all I am trying to focus on is the day's
bout, one day at a time."

Chiyotaikai (5-1) over Kisenosato by oshidashi, 12.4
"I know I got turned sideway but you got realize
that's the point where everything starts. He lost the
bout precisely because he let me get away at that
"You've seen him, right. He comes in here, looking
like he owns the whole joint. It just gets you mad and
more motivated like you wouldn't believe. The kid is
only 20 years old, right. Back when I was 20, I was
still in Juryo so that tells you he is something

Kisenosato (2-4) losing to Chiyotaikai
(20 years old but still with a lot of raw emotions of
youth, tears welling in his eyes after losing to the
"Just about everything about my tachiai is not right.
And I let go of his mawashi. You know I even turned
him around. But you must admit he is good. But if I
can move around a little bit quicker. "

Naruto oyakata
(Seeing a sorry state that Kisenosato fell into)
"If you want, I let you go on kyujo..."

Kitanoumi oyakata, chair of the Kyokai
"Kisenosato couldn't even imagine he (Chiyotaikai)
would make a full circle and come back to him. That's
the reason he couldn't catch up to him. It 's not
really enough to go out like a truck."

Tochiazuma (3-3) over Dejima by uwatenage, 9.2 seconds
(Despite winning, the mood is doom and gloom, downcast
and even sacarstically praising himself)
"I should say it was well done, wasn't it?"
"Dejima comes out of tachiai with good power so I kept
that in mind. I guess I just had a good timing for the
"I admit I am going out scared silly every day. I know
when I back down, I won't be able to generate any
power so like today if I can keep moving forward and
keep attacking, I can make something out of it, I

Roho (1-5) losing to Hakuho by yorikiri, 11.7 seconds
(As a komusubi requiring to face all top ranked
rikishis in the first half and as a result now lost
four straight. Will be facing another komusubi
Kisenosato tomorrow which should tell us his real
condition as well as fighting spirits for this basho.)
" When the opponent started going for a throw, I
stopped moving...."

Hakuho (4-2) over Roho
"If it's all possible, I wanted to go with Migi-yotsu
but today I was able to switch my hand around. I am
feeling more positive energy now."

Kaio (4-2) over Tokitenku by yorikiri, 13.7 seconds
(No longer possessing superhuman grip power which
enabled him to carry a beer case in each hand during
his younger days, he needs to use every technique in
the book to win. Today he could not get the mawashi
but somehow managed to get a win.)
"If I could have, I'd wanted to grab his mawashi
firmly right after the tachiai. I realize if I take
too much time and move deliberately, I'd just give him
an opportunity to initiate his attack. I am moving
around but without any coordination."
"I have no room for comfort at all. Every day is a
desparate struggle now. Still I need to find an
opening even in such a dire circumstance."

Kotooshu (4-2) over Aminishiki by yorikiri, 12.3
(Doing a komata-sukui to unbalance Aminishiki)
"If I did it at a training session, I'd get scolded
usually. I am beginning to feel more comfortable. I
feel I have a little more breathing space now."

Asashoryu (5-1) over Kyokutenho by komata-sukui, 5.5
(On Komata-sukui)
"Well if I tried to push him needlessly, he would come
back with a throw. In sumo you never know what may
happen till the end you know. But when it works like
that, it feels really great. It's like my engine is
beginning to rev up. I have beginning to be able to
show my own sumo style. "
"While waiting for my turn at the dohyo, I heard
someone sitting behind me saying that all the top
ranked rikishis have won today. The comment really got
me motivated. I said to myself, 'Right, I'd go out and
wrap this whole thing with the perfect ending'. I was
able to go up on the dohyo with more intensity. I
really appreciated it."

Kyokutenho (2-4) losing to Asashoryu
(Having the Musubi-No-Ichiban today)
"It felt so long till I could come out to the dohyo.
Instead of doing shikos and stuff, I should have been
simply sitting down till my time and should have

Nakamura oyakata
(On Sumanofuji's condition as he was hospitalized last
night after Ryuo's hand hit his right eye and
experiencing pain and severe nausea)
"His vomitting didn't stop so we took him to a
hospital to check his brain waves, bones and blood.
They didn't find anything abnormal but we are keeping
him overnight for observation. We should opt for
overcaution in a case like this. So it's likely that
he will go on kyujo."

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