[sumo] Day 6 videos & torchbearer results [spoiler]

Barbara barbara at technogirls.org
Fri Jan 12 15:32:08 EST 2007

Three videos today.

Takamisakari-Kasugao. Poor Takamisakari, every inch of him expresses 
misery and humiliation after being thrown so perfectly and so quickly by 
Kasugao today. Kasugao strides back to his side as if he had done his 
duty to show childlike T. a lesson. Even the announcer says, "Oh, don't 
cry Takamisakari, it's only your second loss." Or is T. more than the 
dimwit he appears? Perhaps he feels that the only way he can offset the 
exciting loss is to escalate the drama.

Hakuhou-Rohou. Rohou could have avoided this loss - he uses his strength 
to slow down Hakuhou at first. But Hakuhou waits for the mistake. When 
it comes, he is like lightning and Rohou can do nothing. It isn't good 
when your opponents know you will eventually do something stupid, and 
all they have to do is wait for it.

Asashoryuu-Kyokutenhou. Wow, a "komatasukui" -- an upper thigh scooping 
body drop. A jarring way to lose. Asashoryuu may still harbor a bit of 
his own mortification after his loss to Dejima. To his way of thinking, 
mortification is something to be inflicted on someone else, anyone else, 
including his fellow Mongolian Kyokutenhou. Asashoryuu executes the 
potentially bonebreaking move as if he were dropping a bag of garbage 
into a ditch.

   The torchbearer:
  D6 torchbearer Kasuganishiki won against Jumonji to retain the torch, 
then gave
chikara-mizu to Kakizoe, who lost to front-runner Tamakasuga.

   If you're not playing the Torch game, it is easy. One email is all you
  need to write.  The winner gets a complete video set of the current
  basho, all 31 hours of coverage with the English commentary, on Xvid avi
  files suitable for viewing on a computer.

  I added instructions for requesting a complete set of basho video in 
case you don't win the Torchbearer game.

  Details, pictures, videos, and explanations are at Barbara's Sumo Site,

  in fun,
  Barbara Murasakihana

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