[sumo] Day 1, videos ready for download, Torchbearer results [spoiler]

Barbara barbara at technogirls.org
Sun Jan 7 07:43:17 EST 2007

I made a sumo page.  It has frame captures and links to the Xvid videos 
from today's broadcast.  Two videos are there now.  As before, I will 
only leave the videos there for a day or so after this message appears 
on the mailing list, so be fast if you want to download them. The page 
is at:


Also, I'm doing a game!  It's also on the site above. If you win you get 
the 4-disk avi set of the complete basho (about 31 hours of sumo) free. 
  I'll send it to you in the mail.  Otherwise the 4-disk set will be 
available for request as in the previous basho.  One difference though 
is that I improved my process, and the video quality is now better.  The 
video clips of the matches on the above page are exactly the same 
quality and type as the ones will be in the 4-disk set.  Give me a day 
to put together information on how to request a set for yourself (in 
case you don't win.)

But more about the game.  This is the Torchbearer game which I described 
earlier.  I looked at my earlier message though, and saw that some of 
the questions were ambiguously worded.  Especially questions 3 and 7. 
So, if you have sent me an entry already, please go to the site and 
double check your entry there.  All entries are listed and I reworded 
the questions to make them more clear.  If you want to change your 
entry, send me an email. You can change your entry once if you want, up 
to the final day.  There aren't many entries so you have a good chance. 
If you haven't entered yet, you can still do so!  It's easy. You don't 
have to pick any winners or sign in with a nickname or fill in a form, 
just think about some general ideas about how an imaginary torch will be 
passed from rikishi to rikishi during the basho.  Day 1 results: 
Ohtsukasa was the torchbearer, and he won, so he retains the torch.  He 
gave the chikara-mizu to Ushiomaru, who then won his match too.  Looks 
like the Torch might be good luck. We'll see.

Barbara Murasakihana

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