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Programs like that are normally produced weeks in advance.

On a different tack: A lot of the problem is the rapid modernization of 
Mongolia. Driving there is very dangerous, because so many Mongolians are 
getting cars for the first time. My diplomat friend (a Mongolia specialist) 
who was in UB on his most recent posting for three years (up to 2005) told 
me on my third visit that each year there were vastly more cars on the 
roads, driven by people who'd never been at the wheel before. He added that 
pedestrians were also in a lot of accidents when crossing the roads, 
because they weren't used to calculating the speed of an approaching 
vehicle and didn't allow nearly enough time to get across.

>Joshua said: Wow, and he was recently on the 'This Year in Sumo' broadcast 
>chipper. It must have happened soon after...
>>>Ama's father has ben killed in a car crash. It happened on December
>>>27th. It seems othe relatives were killed as well. Rumor has it that his
>>>brother was in critical condition, but is now OK. Ama is in Mongolia,
>but is slated to return tomorrow and enter Hatsu

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