[sumo] [off topic] Mitchell steroid report; Joshua's blatant misinformation

Brian Mullaney bpm at lintech.com
Thu Dec 13 16:43:50 EST 2007

Scott M. Kahn wrote:
> Today, the Vincent report on steroid use in baseball was released.
> http://files.mlb.com/mitchrpt.pdf
> I bring this up only to ridicule Joshua's nonsensical personal
> attacks and accusations of spreading misinformation.  Such personal
Wow Scott, I thought you were Mr. Above personal attacks.

Your next line, about "overassured knowitalls" is the best Scott, since 
we all know about your expertise in running the NSK, since you have been 
sharing that knowledge with us for the last, what, 5 months?

Its nice to see that you have already read all 400 some pages of the 
report, too.
(slow day at work?)

So lets see if we can sum up your wall of text.

"A former senator with a staff and a nearly unlimited budget can get 
more information then one unpaid guy on the Sumo mailing list."

Imagine that.


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